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Track Name: Dirt
No progress
just make believe
we'll be back in the dirt
don't lie to yourself
Track Name: Mierda
look in the mirror
hate yourself

look in the mirror
fuck yourself

smash the looking glass
smash your identity

pry your third eye open wide
see past identity

in action

Track Name: Face Punching: A Philosophy
Punch you in the fucking mouth
Show you about my philosophy
my approach to assholes
is total domination and ego destruction
knock you off yer fucking pedestal
snap yer fucking mandible
no more pointless drible from your stupid fucking lips
yuppie get fucked
I'll teach you about my philosophy
punch you in yer stupid fucking mouth
Track Name: Empty Sack
Can't sleep right
Can't eat right
Get me some thc before I lose my fucking mind
I will kill you if you fuck up my connect
I need that QP of dank fucking cess
Keep my green right, keep my blunts tight
get the fuck out if your weed don't look sick
I can't be fucking with no stems or no sticks
Track Name: Heal Me
negativity seeps from every pore
"why don't you look on the bright side"
"it doesn't hurt to smile"
You wouldn't know the half of it
Old wounds don't heal
Not with out treatment
I'm flying solo, lone wolf
like I always have
You can't heal me
Heal me, heal me, heal me
Find me a healer
A regular fixer upper
a good price
Track Name: Cabinet Junkie
I'm not even human anymore
just a heap of pharmaceuticals waste
left behind by a society that couldn't give a shit less
we'll drive ourselves into the dirt
we'll do it just because we can
destroy everything, to know we can achieve anything
Ego absorption
Dracula lives in cyber space cable leaks
tracing 666 all over your body in binary
its funny
because you know I'm there too
and I'm no different
Who the fuck are we anymore
Track Name: Highschool Bathroom
You ain't shit
yer a fucking poser
you don't even know what brutality is
I doubt you've met with god like I have
You thought he was up in heaven
I bet you didn't know that god was
made out of granules of amphetamine sulphate
he was in the bathroom with me in high school
doing lines of poor mans coke
what do you know about living life in the fast line
you don't know shit
you fucking yuppie
Track Name: Follow Through
Ive put up with your bullshit for long enough
I'm not gonna fucking deal with you anymore
why don't you slit your wrists over it you fucking coward
I fucking hate you
why did you have to share blood with me
you fucking coward
I want nothing to fucking do with you
fucking go through with it next time
Track Name: No God
there's no god
its all make believe
its all fucking bullshit
you die then yer dirt
I'm so sorry friend
no god
its all make believe