2012 trax

by Infected Womb

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released April 20, 2012




Infected Womb Massachusetts

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Track Name: Family//Friends
I took the hit I didn't fall
left with nothing, back against the wall
I was just a kid
what were you thinking

left all alone
nowhere to call home
hungry as fuck for morphine and speed
and anything green with red hairs

2 dollars a day
I made it through
thanks to my friends
but forever fuck you

Im happy we barely speak
Track Name: Old Friends//New Friends
I really thought I knew myself
until I met you
a shattered mirror of a human being
you welcomed me with open arms
and I believed youd cause no harm
an empty connection
ulterior motives
lack of substance
breath smells of ethanol
said you weren't the typical
your self hatred said otherwise
you colored outside the lines
bled thru and tarnished my identity
I don't even know myself anymore
and I wish I didn't know you
looking back
its always been the same
naked apes play acting
walking mirror head
just waiting to be shattered
Track Name: Primal//Ejaculant
Happiness; fleeting
wrote you off for the last time today
pulled that last nail of your oppression
wrote your death note with my entrails
I guess you needed me more than I needed you
but there's something primordial about our connection
maybe even parasitic
regardless, the rewards weren't worth the effort